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  1. jaku49

    Gracze online

    Wcale... set {_size} to size of bungee players on "survival" w zmiennej tymczasowej {_size} masz ilość graczy na serwerze o nazwie survival. Wymaga chyba Skellett albo Skungee w tej chwili nie mam jak tego sprawdzić.
  2. Jak za 40 zeta to jednak wolałbym napisać skrypt i być Januszem. Mógłbym tam zaimplementować to co chcę, tylko że skrypt to nie to samo co plugin. Vixio załatwiłby po części sprawę.
  3. # FastLogin config # Project site: # Source code: # # You can access the newest config here: # # Request a premium login without forcing the player to type a command # # If you activate autoRegister, this plugin will check/do these points on login: # 1. An existing cracked account shouldn't exist # -> paid accounts cannot steal the existing account of cracked players # - (Already registered players could still use the /premium command to activate premium checks) # 2. Automatically registers an account with a strong random generated password # -> cracked player cannot register an account for the premium player and so cannot the steal the account # # Furthermore the premium player check have to be made based on the player name # This means if a cracked player connects to the server and we request a paid account login from this player # the player just disconnect and sees the message: 'bad login' or 'invalid session' # There is no way to change this message # For more information: autoRegister: true # This is extra configuration option to the feature above. If we request a premium authentication from a player who # isn't actual premium but used a premium username, the player will disconnect with the reason "invalid session" or # "bad login". # # If you activate this, we are remembering this player and do not force another premium authentication if the player # tries to join again, so the player could join as cracked player. secondAttemptCracked: true # New cracked players will be kicked from server. Good if you want switch from offline-mode to online-mode without # losing players! # # Existing cracked and premium players could still join your server. Moreover you could add playernames to a whitelist. # So that these cracked players could join too although they are new players. switchMode: false # If this plugin detected that a player has a premium, it can also set the associated # uuid from that account. So if the player changes the username, they will still have # the same player data (inventory, permissions, ...) # # Warning: This also means that the UUID will be different if the player is connecting # through a offline mode connection. This **could** cause plugin compatibility issues. # # This is a example and doesn't apply for every plugin. # Example: If you want to ban players who aren't online at the moment, the ban plugin will look # after a offline uuid associated to the player, because the server is in offline mode. Then the premium # players could still join the server, because they have different UUID. # # Moreover you may want to convert the offline UUID to a premium UUID. This will ensure that the player # will have the same inventory, permissions, ... if they switched to premium authentication from offline/cracked # authentication. # # This feature requires Cauldron, Spigot or a fork of Spigot (Paper) premiumUuid: true # This will make an additional check (only for player names which are not in the database) against the mojang servers # in order to get the premium UUID. If that premium UUID is in the database, we can assume on successful login that the # player changed it's username and we just update the name in the database. # Examples: # #### Case 1 # nameChangeCheck = false ----- autoRegister = false # # Player logins as cracked until the player invoked the command /premium. Then we could override the existing database # record. # # #### Case 2 # # nameChangeCheck = true ----- autoRegister = false # # Connect the Mojang API and check what UUID the player has (UUID exists => Paid Minecraft account). If that UUID is in # the database it's an **existing player** and FastLogin can **assume** the player is premium and changed the username. # If it's not in the database, it's a new player and **could be a cracked player**. So we just use a offline mode # authentication for this player. # # **Limitation**: Cracked players who uses the new username of a paid account cannot join the server if the database # contains the old name. (Example: The owner of the paid account no longer plays on the server, but changed the username # in the meanwhile). # # #### Case 3 # # nameChangeCheck = false ----- autoRegister = true # # We will always request a premium authentication if the username is unknown to us, but is in use by a paid minecraft # account. This means it's kind of a more aggressive check like nameChangeCheck = true and autoRegister = false, because # it request a premium authentication which are completely new to us, that even the premium UUID is not in our database. # # **Limitation**: see below # # #### Case 4 # # nameChangeCheck = true ----- autoRegister = true # # Based on autoRegister it checks if the player name is premium and login using a premium authentication. After that # fastlogin receives the premium UUID and can update the database record. # # **Limitation from autoRegister**: New offline players who uses the username of an existing minecraft cannot join the # server. nameChangeCheck: true # If your players have a premium account and a skin associated to their account, this plugin # can download the data and set it to the online player. # # Keep in mind that this will only works if the player: # * is the owner of the premium account # * the server connection is established through a premium connection (paid account authentication) # * has a skin # # This means this plugin doesn't need to create a new connection to the Mojang servers, because # the skin data is included in the Auth-Verification-Response sent by Mojang. If you want to use for other # players like cracked player, you have to use other plugins. # # If you want to use skins for your cracked player, you need an additional plugin like # ChangeSkin, SkinRestorer, ... forwardSkin: false # Displays a warning message that this message SHOULD only be invoked by # users who actually are the owner of this account. So not by cracked players # # If they still want to invoke the command, they have to invoke /premium again premium-warning: false # If you have autoRegister or nameChangeCheck enabled, you could be rate-limited by Mojang. # The requests of the both options will be only made by FastLogin if the username is unknown to the server # You are allowed to make 600 requests per 10-minutes (60 per minute) # If you own a big server this value could be too low # Once the limit is reached, new players are always logged in as cracked until the rate-limit is expired. # (to the next ten minutes) # # The limit is IP-wide. If you have multiple IPv4-addresses you specify them here. FastLogin will then use it in rotating # order --> 5 different IP-addresses 5 * 600 per 10 minutes # If this list is empty only the default one will be used # # Lists are created like this: #ip-addresses: # - 192-168-0-2 ip-addresses: [] # How many requests should be established to the Mojang API for Name -> UUID requests. Some other plugins as well # as the head minecraft block make such requests as well. Using this option you can limit the amount requests this # plugin should make. # # If you lower this value, other plugins could still make requests while FastLogin cannot. # Mojang limits the amount of request to 600 per 10 minutes per IPv4-address. mojang-request-limit: 600 # This option automatically registers players which are in the FastLogin database, but not in the auth plugin database. # This can happen if you switch your auth plugin or cleared the database of the auth plugin. # auto-register-unknown: true # This disables the auto login from fastlogin. So a premium (like a paid account) authentication is requested, but # the player won't be auto logged into the account. # # This can be used as 2Factor authentication for better security of your accounts. A hacker then needs both passwords. # The password of your minecraft and the password to login in with your auth plugin autoLogin: true # Database configuration # Recommended is the use of MariaDB (a better version of MySQL) # Single file SQLite database driver: org.sqlite.JDBC # File location database: '{pluginDir}/FastLogin.db' # MySQL/MariaDB #driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver #host: localhost #port: 3306 #database: fastlogin #username: myUser #password: myPassword # It's strongly recommended to enable SSL and setup a SSL certificate if the MySQL server isn't running on the same # machine #useSSL: false # HTTP proxies for connecting to the Mojang servers in order to check if the username of a player is premium. # This is a workaround to prevent rate-limiting by Mojang. These proxies will only be used once your server hit # the rate-limit or the custom value above. # Please make sure you use reliable proxies. proxies: # 'IP:Port' or 'Domain:Port' # - '' # - '' Masz tutaj config, który loguje i rejestruje premki. Jeśli nie działa to usuń swoje konto na serwerze i wejdź ponownie.
  4. Zmieniłem jedną linijkę która powodowała błąd i błędu nie ma. on load: set {symbol} to " ---> " function createTop(t: string, i: integer) :: strings: set {_offlinePlayers::*} to all offline players loop {_offlinePlayers::*}: if {%{_t}%::%loop-value%} is set: add {%{_t}%::%loop-value%} to {_top::*} add loop-value to {_players::*} loop {_i} times: set {_max} to size of {_top::*} #<---- to było zmienione loop {_top::*}: if loop-value-2 = {_max}: set {_index} to loop-index delete {_top::%{_index}%} add "%{_players::%{_index}%}%%{symbol}%%{_max}%" to {_return::*} delete {_players::%{_index}%} return {_return::*} function getTop(t: string, list: strings) :: strings: loop {_list::*}: set {_split::*} to loop-value split at {symbol} add {_split::1} to {_players::*} add {_split::2} to {_top::*} if {_t} = "players": return {_players::*} else: return {_top::*} #Created by: LuckyPotato v1.0 17.05.2019 To chyba rozwiązanie naszego wspólnego problemu.
  5. Tobie też wywala błąd gdy wpisujesz /topka? I nie wyświetla Ci żadnych nicków?
  6. Najnowsza wersja i pięknie wykonana strona internetowa dodają temu serwerowi uroki ! Naprawdę za chwilę wejdę i zacznę grać. Tryb może i spoko, ale wersja to jest jakiś żart. Pandorki to też innowacja jakich mało w 2014 miałbyś graczy, ale nie dzisiaj.
  7. jaku49

    Technik na serwer

    Standardowo zero informacji o: czego wymagasz, co oczekujesz, o Tobie, o serwerze.
  8. Pozostawiam to bez komentarza, zaprezentowałeś swojego skilla ortograficznego. Jak będzie to co było w 2015 roku to będę grał, ale szczerze wątpię, że tak będzie.
  9. jaku49


    Szczerze trochę lipa że hasła nie są szyfrowane.
  10. FunnyGuilds? Zapowiada się ciekawie gdy wejdę na serwer wypowiem się bardziej dokładnie.
  11. jaku49

    Brak ekwipunku na lobby

    Nie rozumiem o co Ci chodzi, możesz zablokować otwieranie eq, ale usunąć nie.
  12. Która nie działa. Może i fajne, ale wg mnie nieestetyczne.
  13. jaku49

    Wykaż swą opinię

    Tobie akurat ta ranga się należy. Jesteś pomocny i miły dla innych użytkowników.
  14. jaku49


    Online-mode=false A czy bunge czy nie to nie wiem, ja używałem tego na jednym serwerze a nie na sieci.
  15. jaku49


    Authme + Fastlogin + ProtocolLib. Link do skonfigurowanych pluginów: Skan:
  16. Tak da się to zmienić. Plik .jar essentialsa otwierasz winrar'em, szukasz otwierasz to w notepadzie, szukasz (Ctrl+F) tego co Cię intersuje i zmieniasz.
  17. Powered by enderchest? Czy raczej ceny w item shopie?
  18. jaku49

    Strona skript --> java

    Generalnie to są nikłe szanse aby to działało (dokładnie zerowe).
  19. jaku49

    Błedy w skrypcie

    Pisz skrypty za pomocą tabów, a nie spacji.
  20. W sumie to każdy skrypt do tego podobny (nie) działa tak samo. Skript - najnowszy.
  21. Pomysł dobry ale u mnie to standardowo nie działa
  22. jaku49

    Odliczanie czasu na to pozwala coomand /czas: cooldown: 24h cooldown message: "Nie mozesz teraz tego uzyc" cooldown bypass: obejscie.czas cooldown storage: {czas::%player%} trigger: send "test"
  23. Hejka, w tym temacie możemy wymieniać się co irytuje nas w serwerach Minecraft. Mnie irytują na przykład takie rzeczy jak: brak kompetencji administracji serwera, paczki pluginów prosto z internetu, nieprofesjonalna zapowiedź serwera na forach, lagi spowodowane zbyt dużą ilością pluginów i bugi z tym związane, brak komunikatora typu Discord. Liczę na Waszą aktywność, sam jestem ciekaw czy tylko mnie irytują tego typu rzeczy. Miłego dnia.
  24. To szukasz hostingu czy maszyny? Bo trochę nie rozumiem. A i nie ma ofert BEZ LIMITU. Ja osobiście polecam hosting titanaxe.