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Prefix: '&d&l&m—————&r&5&l « &r&5❤ &5&l» &f&lUczucia &5&l« &r&5❤ &5&l» &r&d&l&m—————'
Reload: '&8&l> &a&l✓  &7Plugin został zrestartowany! in &f%time%'
Console-Name: The Server
No-Permission: '&cSorry. &fNieznana komenda! Wpisz /pomoc'
Feelings-Help: '&a&lFeelings:'
Feelings-Help-Page: '&7(Page &f%page%&8&l/&r&f%pagemax%&7)'
Sending-World-Disabled: '&cSorry. &fYou can''t use feelings in this world.'
Receiving-World-Disabled: '&cSorry. &fYour target is in a world with feelings disabled.'
Page-Not-Found: '&cOops. &fThat page doesn''t exist, try &7/feelings 1'
No-Player: '&cOops! &fYou need to provide a player to do that to.'
No-Player-Mute: '&cOops! &fYou must provide a player to mute.'
No-Player-Unmute: '&cOops! &fYou must provide a player to unmute.'
Player-Offline: '&cPlayer Offline. &fWe couldn''t find &7&l%player% &fon the server.'
Player-Never-Joined: '&cHmm. &fThat player has never joined before.'
Outside-Of-Radius: '&cHmm. &fYou''re too far away from &7%player% &fto use that.'
Cooldown-Active: '&cSlow Down. &fWait &7%time% &fbefore doing that again.'
Ignore-Cooldown: '&cSlow Down. &fPlease wait before ignoring again.'
Console-Not-Player: '&cGoofball! &fThe &7CONSOLE&f is not a real player.'
Sender-Is-Target: '&cYou Silly! &fYou can''t %command% &fyourself.'
Is-Muted: '&cYou''re Muted. &fYou can no longer use feelings.'
Folder-Not-Found: '&cHmm. &fThere is no data to display here.'
Stats-Header-Own: '&e&lYour Statistics:'
Stats-Header-Other: '&e&l%player%''s Statistics:'
Ignore-List-Header: '&c&lIgnored Players:'
Ignore-List-None: '   &8&l> &fYou are currently not ignoring anyone!'
Ignore-List-All: '   &8&l> &fYou are ignoring all feelings.'
Ignore-List-Cooldown: '&cPlease Wait. &fYou must wait before checking who you''re
Mute-List-Header: '&e&lMuted Players:'
Mute-List-Player: '&r  &8&l> &f%player%'
Mute-List-Total-One: '&r  &7There is &f&l%total% &7muted player.'
Mute-List-Total-Many: '&r  &7There are &f&l%total% &7muted players.'
Mute-List-Total-Zero: '&r  &8&l> &a&lYay! &7No players are currently muted.'
Player-Has-Been-Muted: '&cUser Muted. &7%player% &fcan no longer use feelings.'
Player-Muted-Via-Essentials: '&cOops! &7%player&f is muted via Essentials, use /unmute!'
Player-Muted-Via-LiteBans: '&cOops! &7%player&f is muted via LiteBans, use /unmute!'
Player-Muted-Via-AdvancedBan: '&cOops! &7%player&f is muted via AdvancedBans, use
Extra-Mute-Present: '&r&7&oThey''re already muted via your punishment system. &e&oSee
  /cf mutelist'
Player-Has-Been-Unmuted: '&aUser Unmuted. &7%player% &fcan now use feelings again.'
Cant-Mute-Self: '&cYou Silly! &fYou can''t mute yourself.'
Player-Already-Muted: '&cOops. &fThis player is already muted.'
Player-Already-Unmuted: '&cOops. &fYou can''t unmute a player who''s not muted.'
Already-Mute-Unmute-Suggestion: '&7&oCould you have meant &e&o/cf unmute'
No-Perm-Mute-Suggestion: '&7&oCould you have meant &e&o/cf ignore&7&o?'
Emote-Disabled: '&cEmote Disabled. &fThis emotion has been disabled by the server.'
Ingoring-On-Player: '&7You''ve now &c&lBLOCKED &r&7feelings from: &f%player%'
Ingoring-Off-Player: '&7Now &a&lALLOWING &7feelings from: &f%player%'
Ingoring-On-All: '&7You''ve now &c&lBLOCKED &r&7feelings from all players.'
Ingoring-Off-All: '&7Now &a&lALLOWING &7feelings from all players.'
Cant-Ignore-Self: '&cYou Silly! &fYou can''t ignore yourself.'
Target-Is-Ignoring: '&cBummer! &fThis player has blocked you.'
Target-Is-Ignoring-All: '&cBummer! &fThis player is not accepting feelings.'
  Hug: Give someone a nice warm hug!
  Slap: Slap some sense back into someone.
  Poke: Poke someone to get their attention
  Highfive: Show your support, and give a highfive!
  Facepalm: Need to show some disapproval?
  Yell: Yell at someone as loud as possible!
  Bite: Bite a player right on the arm.
  Snuggle: Snuggle up with the power of warm hugs!
  Shake: Shake a player to their feet.
  Stab: Stab someone with a knife. Ouch!
  Kiss: Give a kiss on the cheek. How sweet!
  Punch: Snuggle up with the power of warm hugs!
  Murder: Finna kill someone here.
  Boi: Living in 2016? Boi at a player.
  Cry: Real sad hours? Cry at someone.
  Dab: Freshly dab on someone.
  Lick: Lick someone like an ice-cream sundae!
  Pat: Pat a players head for being good.
  Stalk: Stalk a player carefully... carefully.
Version: 9


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