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# Language File : EN - English
error-no-perms: You don't have permission to use that command.
error-no-perms-biome: You don't have permission to use that biome.
error-regen: Regen in progress, try again later.
error-start: IslandWorld not started correctly, check logs. (Usually console log at server startup will have enough info why plugin is not working!)
error-world: Can't determine the correct world.
error-have-island: You already have an island.
error-no-island: You don't have an island.
error-schematic: You don't have permission to use that schematic (%name%).
error-schematic-not-exists: Choosen schematic (%name%) doesn't exists!
error-current-world: You can't use that command in current world.
error-delay: Please wait (%time% min) before using that command.
error-calc-delay: Please wait (%time% min) before using that command.
error-no-free: We don't have empty islands, inform administrator!
error-get-free: There is a problem with empty islands, inform administrator!
error-helping: You can't create an island while you are a member of another island.
error-wg-region: There is problem with the WG protect region for your island, inform administrator!
error-no-island-party: You don't have an island or a party.
error-outside: You can't set home location outside your island.
error-expell: No players are on the island.
error-expell-outside: That player is not on your island.
error-add-have-island: Can't add player to island, they already own one.
error-add-have-party: Can't add player to island, they are already added to another.
error-add-limit: Can't add player to island, you've reached the party limit.
error-add-already: Player %name% is already added to your island.
error-not-online: Player %name% is not online or does not exist.
error-remove-not-added: Player %name% is not added to your island.
error-tp-have-island: You can't use teleport while you have own island.
error-tp-no-party: You don't have permission to teleport to %name% island.
error-tp-no-island: Player %name% doesn't have an island.
error-no-player: You're trying to teleport to the wrong player.
error-leave: Can't leave, you have no party.
error-fixhome: There is problem with those coords, inform administrator!
error-cha: There is problem with that challenge.
error-cha-id: Invalid challenge Id.
error-cha-order: Can't finish %id%, you must finish previous challenges first.
error-no-visit: Visit command is not allowed.
error-visit-no-island: Player %name% doesnt have an island.
error-visit-owner-wait: Can't make visit request, %name% didn't respond last time.
error-visit-visitor-wait: Can't make visit request, they haven't responded from last time.
error-visit-no-player: Wrong player name, or the player is offline.
error-visit-owner-no-reply: You didn't respond to %name%'s request. Request removed.
error-visit-visitor-no-reply: '%name% did not respond to your request. Request removed.'
error-visit-request-you-deny: You denied %name%'s request.
error-visit-request-deny: '%name% denied your request.'
error-visit-spawn: Can't visit %name% island, there is problem with spawn.
error-visit-your-spawn: '%name% wants to visit your island, but there is problem with
  your spawn.'
error-visit-self: Can't visit your own island.
error-visits-blocked: Visits are set to be denied.
error-visits-not-blocked: Visits will no longer be auto-denied.
error-visits-blocked-here: Visits to %name% island are set to be blocked.
error-party-owner-no-reply: You didn't respond to %name%'s request. Request removed.
error-party-visitor-no-reply: '%name% did not respond to your request. Request removed.'
error-party-owner-wait: Can't make party request, %name% didn't respond to previous request.
error-party-visitor-wait: Can't make party request, you're still waiting for an answer.
error-delete-respond: You didn't respond to delete request in time.
error-delete-comm: Can't use that command, waiting for delete respond.
error-no-region-here: You are not inside an island region.
error-tp-while-falling: Can't teleport while falling.
error-teleport-break: You will not be teleported because you moved.
error-home-limit: You can't set more than %count% homes.
error-no-home: '%name% is not one of your homes.'
error-is-no-home: Your island has no home location set.
error-outside-island: You are outside your island.
error-invalid-biome: 'Error, invalid biome: %biome%.'
error-rank-not-updated: Error, rank not updated, check your (mysql) configuration.
error-tp-not-safe: There is problem with your island spawn. Try to use /is fixhome or inform administrator.
error-sethome-loc: Can't sethome here. You need to be solid ground.
error-already-opened: Your island is already opened.
error-already-closed: Your island is already closed.
error-create-limit: You already reach create island limit (%limit%). You cannot create another island.
error-no-more-extend: You cannot extend your island more.
info-biome: 'Biome at your location: %biome%.'
info-biomes: 'Biomes list:'
info-biome-changed: Biome on island changed to %biome%.
info-biome-chunk-changed: Biome in current chunk changed to %biome%.
info-visit-visitor-tp: '%name% teleported to your island.'
info-visit-visitor-tp-open: '%name% is visiting your island.'
info-visit-visitor: Teleported to %name% island.
info-visit-visitor-open: You are visiting %name% island.
info-created: Island created.
info-deleted: Island deleted.
info-loc-changed: Location changed.
info-expell: You expelled %count% players from island.
info-expelled: You have been expelled from %name% island.
info-expell-op: '%name% is bypassing your expell command.'
info-add-ok: Player %name% added to your island.
info-added-ok: Player %name% added you to their island.
info-remove-ok: Player %name% removed from your island.
info-remove-admin: Admin removed %name% from your island.
info-removed-ok: Player %name% removed you from their island.
info-removed-admin: Admin removed you from party.
info-leave-ok: Removed from %name% island.
info-tele-spawn: Teleported to spawn.
info-fixhome: Fixed home coords.
info-lock-disabled: Lock is not available on our server.
info-lock-self: You can't lock yourself.
info-lock-member: Player %nick% is member of your island, can't lock him.
info-lock-already: Player %nick% is already blocked.
info-lock-ok: Your island is now locked.
info-lock-name-ok: Player %name% locked and will be not be able to access your island.
info-flying-disabled: Flying is not available on our server.
info-flying-on: Flying enabled.
info-flying-off: Flying disabled.
info-flying-dis: You cannot fly outside your island
info-flying-dis-tele: Disabled flying since its not allowed outside island.
info-unlock-ok: Your island is now unlocked!
info-unlock-name-ok: Player %name% removed from blocked list, they can now access your island.
info-lock-move: Island is locked, you can't enter.
info-cha-header: 'Challenge [%id%] : '
info-cha-already: Already completed!
info-cha-completed: Challenge %id% completed!
info-cha-reward-added: Reward added into your inventory.
info-cha-greward-added: Global reward (%count% %item%) added into your inventory.
info-cha-eco-reward-added: Money reward ($%count%)added into your balance.
info-cha-geco-reward-added: Global money reward ($%count%) added into your balance.
info-cha-item-missing: Required item missing, unable to complete.
info-cha-no-req-item: That challenge doesnt have a required item.
info-cha-list-header: '&b--------- Challenges: %from%/%max% ---------'
info-cha-reward-global: 'Reward for completing challenges: &2%count%&a piece(s) of
info-cha-eco-reward-global: 'Reward for completing challenges: &2$%count%.'
info-cha-reward: 'Reward: &2%count%&a piece(s) of &2%item%'
info-cha-eco-reward: 'Money reward: &2$%count%'
info-cha-repetable: '&2[R]'
info-cha-line: '%col%%id%. %rep% &e%descr%'
info-visit-request: Visit request sent to %name%.
info-visit-need-answer: '%name% has requested to visit your island. If you agree use
  &b/island accept&a command or &b/island deny&a if you want to reject the request'
info-party-request: Party request sent to %name%. Waiting for reply...
info-party-need-answer: '%name% wants you to join a party. Use &b/island join&a to
  accept the request'
info-party-joined: Joined %name%'s party
info-party-joined-owner: Player %name% was added to your party
info-party-joined-admin-player: Admin added you to %name%'s party
info-party-joined-admin-owner: Admin added %name% to your party
info-delete-added: Are you sure? Write &b/is delete&a again to confirm.
info-teleported: Teleported.
info-teleport-after: Teleporting after %time% sec. Please don't move!
info-admin-teleported: Admin teleported you to your island.
info-telporting: Teleporting...
info-tp-wait: Already waiting for teleport.
info-tp-to-island: Teleported to %name% island.
info-home-set: Home location set.
info-homes: 'Your homes: &b%list%'
info-home-deleted: Home %name% deleted.
info-entered: Entered %name% island.
info-quitted: Left island.
info-points: Your island has earned %points% points.
info-for-points: '%name% island points: %points%.'
info-rank: 'Best islands:'
info-rank-last: 'Last rank update:'
info-rank-island: To calculate your island points, use the &b/island calc&a command
info-player-leave: Player %name% leaves your party/island.
info-island-opened: Island open to public, now players can visit without consent while you are on the server.
info-island-opened-offline: Island open to public, now players can visit without consent.
info-island-closed: Island closed. Now you must accept visit requests.
info-visits-blocked: Visits on your island are blocked now.
info-visits-allowed: Visits on your island are allowed now.
info-extend-ok: 'Island extended, new region spacing value: %spacing%.'
info-extend-disabled: You cannot extend your island, feature disabled
info-isinfo-separator: '&a-----------'
info-isinfo-header: '&aIsland info for: &b'
info-isinfo-position: '&aPosition: &e'
info-isinfo-owner: '&aOwner: &e'
info-isinfo-points: '&aPoints: &e'
info-isinfo-schematic: '&aSchematic: &e'
info-isinfo-lock: '&aLocked: &e'
info-isinfo-purgeprotect: '&aPurge protected: &e'
info-isinfo-members: '&aMembers: &e'
info-isinfo-block: '&aBlocked: &e'
info-isinfo-open: '&aVisits: &e'
info-isinfo-openoff: '&aVisits Offline: &e'
info-isinfo-visitblock: '&aVisits blocked: &e'
info-isinfo-created: '&aCreated: &e'
info-isinfo-lastlogin: '&aOwner last login: &e'
info-isinfo-createlimit: '&aCreated islands: &e'
info-isinfo-size: '&aIsland size: &e'
com-usage: '&bSky&fBlock &bCommands:'
com-command-create: '&a/is create &7- create new island.'
com-command-delete: '&a/is delete &7- delete your island.'
com-command-info: '&a/is info &7- shows info about your island.'
com-command-sethome: '&a/is sethome [name] &7- change home point for teleport.'
com-command-delhome: '&a/is delhome [name] &7- delete home point.'
com-command-home: '&a/is home [name|list] &7- teleport to your island.'
com-command-fixhome: '&a/is fixhome &7- try to fix home coords.'
com-command-spawn: '&a/is spawn &7- teleport to spawn world.'
com-command-expell: '&a/is expell [PName] &7- oust players without perms from island.'
com-command-add: '&a/is add <PName> &7- add player to your island.'
com-command-remove: '&a/is remove <PName> &7- remove player from your isle.'
com-command-leave: '&a/is leave &7- leave your party island.'
com-command-tp: '&a/is tp <PName> &7- teleport to player isle.'
com-command-visit: '&a/is visit <PName> &7- make visit request.'
com-command-lock: '&a/is lock [PName] &7- lock your island, or block specific player'
com-command-unlock: '&a/is unlock [PName] &7- unlock your island, or unblock player'
com-command-calc: '&a/is calc &7- calculate your island points value.'
com-command-rank: '&a/is rank &7- show best island rank.'
com-command-open: '&a/is open <offline> &7- open your island for visitors.'
com-command-close: '&a/is close &7- closes your island for visitors.'
com-command-biomelist: '&a/is biomelist &7- show possible biomes.'
com-command-biomeshow: '&a/is biomeshow &7- show biome at your current position.'
com-command-biomeset: '&a/is biomeset <biome> &7- change biome of your island.'
com-command-biomechunkset: '&a/is biomechunkset <biome> &7- change biome in current
com-command-fly: '&a/is fly &7- enables/disables flying on your island'
com-command-chalist: '&a/challenges list &7- list challenges.'
com-command-chacomplete: '&a/challenges complete <id> &7- complete challenge.'
sign-perm-create: You don't have permission to create that sign
sign-perm-use: You don't have permission to use that sign
sign-second: Second line must be a challenge number, or "all"
sign-created: Challenge sign created
sign-unknown: Unknown sign type
eco-failed: Sorry, you need (%cost%) to do that.


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