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  • Urodziny 27.11.1998 (23.715048770 lat)


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    Taka wieś k. Oświęcimia
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    Piłka nożna, gry, standardowo ^^

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  1. NVM Poradziłem sobie, w essentialu jest komenda i repair all ;0 do zamkniecia
  2. Jak zrobić, żeby skrypt naprawiał cały ekwipunek np. on join: repair <cały ekwipunek - wszystko nawet sloty na armor>
  3. Właśnie tak robiłem, ale nie chce tak. To tez próbowałem i nie działa.
  4. Z graczem to: on any move: cancel event Ale jak to zrobić z mobem, próbowałem chyba wszystkiego i nie działa.
  5. Dzięki, nie sprawdzałem, ale sobie poradziłem tym. if distance between player and location (-1450, 9, -323) is smaller than 5:
  6. if player is between (-1447, 11, -325) and (-1452, 8, -320): is not boolean yes/no Jak to zmienić ,żeby działało. Jeśli daję przed te nawiasy location to nie działa, jeśli usuwam nawiasy to nie działa, i jeśli dodaje x,y,z to też nie działa.
  7. Gdzie to się zmienia? Edit: Już wiem gdzie, ale czy nie powinno być 777 ,a nie 0777? Edit2: Dobra to jest to samo 0777 czy 777. Edit3: @ShroN Po zmienieniu chmoda na folderze skript i jego zawartości, dalej się usuwa. @Zasepamen To tylko podgląd w totalcommander, więc to nic nie zmienia. Sk reload all nie usuwa zmiennych tylko restart. Robiłem reinstalacje całego serwera i nic. A mam w pliki variables.csv i variables.db. nie wiem czemu, ale samo się to tworzy. EDIT4: Chyba @ShroN mi pomogłeś, tyle ,że po zmienieniu atrybutów, musiałem zrestartować jeszcze raz skript i działa THX. A i jakoś usunąłem SQLibrary i wtedy podziałało, widocznie to coś blokowało, a miało pomagać :), ale jak tego nie było to też nie działało, więc @ShroN pomógł.
  8. Wszystko się tworzy, ale reset usuwa te zmienne, czyści plik variables. edit: To wygląda tak. Przed: Po:
  9. Nie moge tam napisać wyżej, więc piszę tutaj. Czy da się ustawienia restartu zrobic? Bo restart mi to usuwa, a tak to by mi sie to wczytywało normalnie. @EDIT: W spigocie znalazłem takie coś restart-script: ./
  10. Raczej nie, chyba ,że dawno temu. Może usunać plik ze zmiennymi? @EDIT Zresetowałem wszystko, ale dalej nie działa, może coś źle w configu? # __________________________________________________________# / / / /\ \# \_\___________________________________________________\_\/ /# / / _____ __ __ / /# / / / ____\ / / /_/ /\ / /# / / / /__ / /___ ___ __ ______ __/ /_ / /# / / \___ \ / __/ / __\ / / / __ //_ __/ / /# / / ____/ / / /\ \ / / / / / /_/ / / / / /# / / \_____/ /_/ /_/ /_/ /_/ / ____/ /_/ / /__# / / ========================== / / ========== / / \ \# | | /_/ | | | |# \_\_________________________________________________\_\_/_/## == Introduction ==# This file contains Skript's general options. To write scripts, create a new .sk file in the scripts folder or edit any existing one.## Script files prefixed with a hyphen (-) will not be loaded, e.g. renaming 'plant with' to '-plant with' will disable the whole file.# This can e.g. be used to temporarily disable scripts and is also used for Skript's example scripts.# You can also use the command '/skript enable/disable <script>' to enable/disable a script which will automatically rename it.## === !!! PLEASE NOTE !!! ===# This file, all scripts and other files ending in .sk are NOT .yml/YAML files, but very similar!# Please remember the following when editing files:# - To indent sections you can use spaces like in YAML, but tabs are also allowed. Just remember to stick to the one or the other for a section/trigger.# - '#' starts a comment like in YAML. If you don't want it to start a comment simply double it: '##' (You also have to double these in "quoted text")# - If you use special characters (§, äöü, éèà ôç, ñ, etc.) you have to encode the file in UTF-8.## ==== General Options ====language: english# Which language to use. Currently english and german are included in the download, but custom languages can be created as well.# Please note that not everything can be translated yet, i.e. parts of Skript will still be english if you use another language.# If you want to translate Skript to your language please read the readme.txt located in the /lang/ folder in the jar# (open the jar as zip or rename it to to access it)check for new version: true# Whether Skript should check for whether a new version of Skript is available when the server starts.# If this is set to true Skript will announce a new version to all players with the "skript.admin" permission.# If set to false you can still check for a new version with '/skript update check'.# Please note that Skript will not detect beta releases even if you are running one as they are not necessarily stable.update check interval: 12 hours# If 'check for new version' is enabled, this sets how often to check for a new update.# A first check will always be made when the server starts, after that checks will be made in intervals set by this option.# Set this to 0 to disable repeated checks, in which case only one check will be made when the server starts.# Please note that this option is currently the only means of making Skript check for an update more than once,# as '/skript update check' does only display the results of the last check if a check has been made before.automatically download new version: false# Whether Skript should automatically download & install the newest version if one is available.# I suggest to disable this feature if your server restarts automatically as you likely won't be informed# of any incompatibilities of your scripts and the newest version of Skript.# If you disable this you can still use '/skript update download' to make Skript download the newest version.# If you're concerned about changes use '/skript update changes' for a full list of changes since your current version.enable effect commands: falseeffect command token: !# If 'enable effect commands' is set to true, chat messages starting with the 'effect command token' will be interpreted as effects and executed.# The token can be longer than a single character, but it should not start with '/' as that starts a command.# A player needs the permission "skript.effectcommands" to use such commands,# which does not default to OPs since these commands can do severe damage to the world or crash the server (see below).# Some example commands which can be used if this setting is enabled:# !heal player - heals the player (doesn't do anything if used from the console)# !repair tool - repairs the currently held item# !broadcast "<red>Please read the rules!" - if you want to get rid of the quotes you have to define a custom command# !set time to 6:00 - sets the time in the current world# The command can also be abused, so only give the permission to trusted players, like owners & co-owners:# !spawn 20 ender dragons - will destroy a large part of the world in a short time if no protection is present# !create explosion of force 10000 - likely crashes the server or at least hangs it up for a long time# !ban all players - as the effect impliesallow ops to use effect commands: false# Whether server operators which do not have the permission "skript.effectcommands" should have access to effect commands.# This setting is mainly useful for servers that do not run any permissions format: default# The date format to be used when dates should be displayed.# This can be 'default' to use Java's default date format for the system's language.# The format is that of Java's SimpleDateFormat as defined here: some examples:# d/M/yyyy h:mm a => 15/7/2012 8:53 PM# dd.MM.yyyy, HH:mm => 16.03.2013, 09:33verbosity: normal# Determines how much info is logged.# Allowed values: low, normal, high, very high, debug# The highest you should go is very high, which prints quite a lot of useful information,# including how much time each trigger takes to execute.# Only use debug if you're programming an add-on for Skript, but even then you might usually not need it.plugin priority: high# Allowed values: lowest, low, normal, high, highest# Change this if you encounter problems with other plugins, e.g.:# - cancelled events: The event is cancelled by another plugin, but Skript handles the event nonetheless => increase priority# (e.g. WorldGuard cancels events if a player doesn't have permission for the given region,# and you made some 'place' triggers which should not bypass WorldGuard's protection)# - effects '(un)cancel event': Another plugin should/should not process the event, but does/does not => decrease priority# - effect 'drop': Another plugin doesn't process added drops => decrease priority# - effects 'remove ... from drops'/'clear drops': Drops added by other plugins are not removed => increase priority# Skript removes drops it shouldn't => decrease priority or specify which item types to removelog player commands: true# Whether Skript should log the usage of custom commands.# They will be logged as [INFORMATION] in this format: '<player>: /<command> <arguments>'number accuracy: 2# How many digits should be displayed after the dot at maximum when displaying numbers.# Zeroes will never be displayed at all, so this setting only applies to numbers that actually have a decimal part with one or more non-zero digits.maximum target block distance: 100# How far to search for a player's targeted block in blocks/meters.# Lower values improve performance, but might reduce the usability of your scripts.# This value is limited by the server (e.g. by 'view-distance' in the, but is guaranteed to work up to 100 sensitive: false# Whether Skript's functions should be case sensitive or not.# This e.g. applies to the effect 'replace' and the conditions 'contains' and 'is/is not'.disable variable conflict warnings: false# Disables warnings of potential variable name conflicts if set to true.# I recommend to not touch this option, but if you do so you should at least set it back to false# whenever you create new scripts with new variables.# ==== Variables ====databases: # Databases to store variables in. These can either be used as a simple one-server-storage # where variables are written constantly but only read at server start, # or as a connection between multiple servers by monitoring the database(s) for changes. # # You can define as many databases as you want, just make sure to choose a distinct name for each one, and don't forget to set all options correctly. # # To be able to use a database you'll need to download the plugin 'SQLibrary' from # and install it in your server's plugin directory like other plugins. # # Please note that '/skript reload' will not reload this section, i.e. you'll have to restart Skript for changes to take effect. # Each database definition must be in a separate section. You can choose any name for the sections, as long as it's not already used. database 1: # an example database to describe all possible options. type: CSV # The type of this database. Allowed values are 'CSV', 'SQLite', 'MySQL' and 'disabled'. # CSV uses a text file to store the variables, while SQLite and MySQL use databases, and 'disabled' makes Skript ignore the database as if it wasn't defined at all. pattern: .* # Defines which variables to save in this database. # This pattern uses Regex syntax, e.g. use 'db_.*' (without the quotes) to store all variables prefixed with 'db_' in this database, # or use '.*' (the default value) to store all variables here (recommended for the last database in this list, as otherwise some variables might not be saved). # Please note that variables are only stored in one database, and databases are checked from top to bottom, # e.g. if a variable matches the topmost database's pattern it will be saved there and nowhere else. # BTW: Patterns are checked in a separate thread, i.e. your server likely won't run slower when using complicated patterns. monitor changes: true monitor interval: 20 seconds # If 'monitor changes' is set to true, variables will repeatedly be checked for updates in the database (in intervals set in 'monitor interval'). # ! Please note that you should set 'pattern', 'monitor changes' and 'monitor interval' to the same values on all servers that access the same database! # == MySQL configuration == host: localhost # Where the database server is located at, e.g. '', 'localhost', or '' port: 3306 # 3306 is MySQL's default port, i.e. you likely won't need to change this value user: root password: pass database: skript # The database to use. Skript will automatically create a table 'variables21' in this database if it doesn't exist # (If the table exists but is defined differently that how Skript expects it to be you'll get errors and no variables will be saved and/or loaded) # == SQLite/CSV configuration == file: ./plugins/Skript/variables.db # Where to save the variables to. For a CSV file, the file extension '.csv' is recommended, but not required, but SQLite database files must end in '.db' (SQLibrary forces this). # The file path can either be absolute (e.g. 'C:\whatever\...' [Windows] or '/usr/whatever/...' [Unix]), or relative to the server directory (e.g. './plugins/Skript/...'). backup interval: 2 hours # Creates a backup of the file every so often. This can be useful if you ever want to revert variables to an older state. # Variables are saved constantly no matter what is set here, thus a server crash will never make you loose any variables. # Set this to 0 to disable this feature. MySQL example: # A MySQL database example, with options unrelated to MySQL removed. type: disabled # change to line below to enable this database # type: MySQL pattern: synced_.* # this pattern will save all variables that start with 'synced_' in this MySQL database. host: localhost port: 3306 user: root password: pass database: skript monitor changes: true monitor interval: 20 seconds SQLite example: # An SQLite database example. type: disabled # change to line below to enable this database # type: SQLite pattern: db_.* # this pattern will save all variables that start with 'db_' in this SQLite database. file: ./plugins/Skript/variables.db # SQLite databases must end in '.db' backup interval: 0 # 0 = don't create backups monitor changes: false monitor interval: 20 seconds default: # The default "database" is a simple text file, with each variable on a separate line and the variable's name, type, and value separated by commas. # This is the last database in this list to catch all variables that have not been saved anywhere else. # You can modify this database freely, but make sure to know what you're doing if you don't want to loose any variables. type: CSV pattern: .* file: ./plugins/Skript/variables.csv backup interval: 2 hours # PS: If you don't want some variables to be saved in any database (e.g. variables that contain an %entity% which usually despawn when the server is shut down) # you can modify the last database's pattern to not match all variables, e.g. use '(?!x_).*' to match all variables that don't start with 'x_'. # Be very cautious when doing this however as unsaved variables cannot be recovered after the server has been stopped. # I recommend to use a single character to denote unsaved variables (similar to local variables' '_'), e.g. '-', in which case the last database's pattern should be '(?!-).*'.# ==== Settings that should not be changed ====version: 2.1.2# DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALUE MANUALLY!# This saves for which version of Skript this configuration was written for.# If it does not match the version of the .jar file then the config will be updated automaticall
  11. Dałbyś ss? Bo szukam juz 15 minut. @Edit znalazłem, zmieniłem na CSV i zrestartowałem. Po restarcie wpisałem. /sk reload all i dalej nie działa :/ Wraca od nowa.
  12. Czy wam też zmienne się usuwają po restarcie serwera? Czy da się temu zapobiec?
  13. DOBRA DO ZAMKNIECIA! Trzeba było dodać przy zmienianiu zmiennej arg czyli takie coś :set {w.%player-arg%} to false
  14. Właśnie mam wszystko dobrze, cancel event i tak działało, a to "if {w.%player%} is 1" mi sie tylko tutaj źle napisało. Po prostu nie sprawdz mi tej zmiennej z 2 linijki.
  15. on rightclick on crafting table: cancel event if {w.%player%} is 0: #tutaj nie ważne, to dziala if {w.%player%} is 1: #to sie nie wykonuje, gdy zmienna jest 1, a tamta niewazna :/ #tak samo z dwoma zmiennymi jedna false, druga true i potem jedna jest true ,a druga false, ale i tak działa cały czas ta 1.
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